Artist Statement.

- Maintain studio calendar and artist’s schedule

- Answer telephone, manage general studio email and incoming and outgoing mail

- Prepare packages and deliver to USPS, UPS, or FedEx

- Facilitate communication between material suppliers, independent contractors, galleries, museums, and publishers

- Make travel arrangements, nationally and internationally

- Respond to and coordinate requests for image usage, interviews, studio visits, etc.

- Facilitate shipments and deliveries

- Communicate with art handlers and oversee professional packing of artwork

- Communicate with offsite storage, maintaining records

- Maintain database of artist’s work

- Ensure that work is well photographed, enter data

- Maintain archive of press and bibliography

- Computer related support:

- Install, maintain and troubleshoot office equipment (computers, printers)

- Regular maintenance on EPSON 9900 photo printer

- Update website

- Oversee outside contractors who work on website and studio computer system

- Minor photo editing (cropping, color balancing, adjusting exposure)

- Collaborate with gallery regarding loan requests for artworks and coordinate transport

- Enforce proper handling protocols for artworks at artist’s direction

- Comprehensive accounting for the studio

- Track production expenses for individual projects

- Compile and file quarterly sales tax reports

- Compile all financials for yearly tax reporting

- Track invoices and collect payments

- Pay bills and employees

- Obtain W9s from freelancers, compiling 1099 information yearly

- Input expenses into QuickBooks Online

- Track all expenses and payments for yearly taxes

- Communicate and coordinate with studio accountant

- Create and maintain budgets

- Manage processing, organization, and backing up of files with attention to detail


- Research materials, processes and vendors

- Gather quotes and samples

- Correspond with vendors

- Oversee production timelines

- Oversee employees and independent contractors working on projects

- Prepare files to send to printers/fabricators


- Studio maintenance

- Manage utilities (alarm system, electric, internet)

- Maintain stock and purchase studio/office supplies

- Care for plants

- Trash, compost, recycling

- Run errands within the 5 NYC boroughs via public transit or car service

- Assist in making models of exhibition spaces (foam core construction)

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